The Making Magic Difference

The ​M.A.G.I.C. ​Mixture

​At Making Magic, you are not just an employee, you are a part of our story! We have a part for everyone. Whether you are playing a princess or a character host, you help put together what we call the M.A.G.I.C. Mixture. ​This mixture is to ensure that every one of our events goes without a hitch and that you as an employee, no matter what your role, plays an important part in making sure that our services are a success.

Friendly and Open Work Environment

At Making Magic, we take pride in providing a friendly and non-dsicrimatory environment. We offer jobs to anyone who meets our objectives. We also offer a fun and safe work environment. Our performers ​NEVER ​go to any event alone and will always be accompanied by another employee or manager. We also ensure that all of our performers are not only princesses on the stage, but off-set too! Making sure everyone is kind and supportive of each other and keeping with our traditon that ​teamwork makes our dream work! 

​​Help Out in What We Do!

Not only do all of our cast members get to perform and head out on the road with us, but they also get to have a hand in what we do as well! ALL ​ of our Cast Members also get their costumes custom made for them! Plus our Cast Members also get a chance to help post in our Blog as well as our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram pages! We believe that when everyone is involved, we are all more engaged to create more magical experiences for our guests! ​