Princess Parties

  1. The Little Mermaid
    The Little Mermaid
  2. Arabian Princess
    Arabian Princess
  3. Princess Beauty
    Princess Beauty
  4. The Teen Villains
    The Teen Villains
    Can be paired together or separately
  5. Tinker Fairy
    Tinker Fairy
  6. Tower Princess
    Tower Princess
  7. The Snow Queen
    The Snow Queen
    Can be paired with the Snow Princess, Happy Snowman, or Ice Harvester
  8. The Snow Princess (Coronation Outfit)
    The Snow Princess (Coronation Outfit)
  9. The Snow Princess
    The Snow Princess
    Can be paired with the Snow Queen, Happy Snowman, or Ice Harvester
  10. The First Princess (NEW!)
    The First Princess (NEW!)
  11. Alice in Wonderland (NEW!)
    Alice in Wonderland (NEW!)
  12. Apple Princess
    Apple Princess
  13. Sleeping Princess (NEW!)
    Sleeping Princess (NEW!)
  14. Cinderella (NEW!)
    Cinderella (NEW!)

If you're looking for a magical and royal way to celebrate your next event, there is no better way to go than with our Princesses! We have a wide array of Princesses from the ever popular Snow Sisters to the always classic Apple Princess! We also have other favorite characters such as the Teen Villains and the Tinker Fairy to make your parties extra magical!

​Each one of our Princess Parties include a sing and dance along to the songs from your selected princess's story, as well as custom made musical tracks made exclusively for our company. Parties also include a storytelling of the Princess's story, games and activities, prizes for each child in attendance, picture and autograph opportunites, singing of "Happy Birthday", and a personalized gift and card from your selected Princess to the guest of honor!

​Looking for something extra? You can also add Face Painting and Character Sketching to your party, starting at just $30.00!

​To learn more about our Parties, as well as pricing, please visit our ​Party Pricing Page.

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*NOTICE* Making Magic is NOT affiliated with any of the companies of our portrayed characters. Our characters are fair-play replicas and we only book with clients who fully understand these terms. We are NOT associated with Disney, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, or any of the companies that are associated with the characters that we portray. Thank You!