meet our cast

  1. Erin
    Erin has been with Making Magic since 2015 and is our main Ice Queen performer. She has performed in musical theater for many years and is currently in the color guard and drama department at Burlington High School.
  2. Caitlin
    Caitlin joined our Making Magic family in August of 2017. She has done cosplay performing since the age of twelve and is also in the Burlington High School Color Guard with one of our other performers Erin as well as their Drama Department. She plays multiple roles in our company but is most fond of the First Princess and the Ice Princess as her go to!
  3. Emily
    Emily is the Founder and Head Performer of Making Magic. She got the idea after performing as the ice princess while working at Chuck E Cheese's during the Halloween season. Since then, she has taken the company to 3 different states and has won numerous character awards!
  4. Eric
    Eric has been with Making Magic since 2015 and is our main Happy Snowman performer. Eric recently started college at Salem State University and is currently in their Drama Department. He was also in Woburn High School's Concert Choir and Drama Club with our Founder, Emily Sullivan. When not playing Happy Snowman, you may also find Eric playing the Ice Harvester or Spider-Hero as well!
  5. Maddie R
    Maddie R has recently just joined us after moving to Magical MA from her hometown state of Utah! She has been cosplaying for many years and loves portraying our Tower Princess and Ice Princess along with many others!
  6. Caroline
    Caroline is our newest member to the Making Magic family joining us in early 2018. She recently graduated High School and is currently studying opera! This beautiful voice can be heard as the Sleeping Princess and Snow Queen as well as many others during our events!
  7. Ashwini
    Ashwini is our newest member of the Making Magic team recently joining us in the spring of 2019. Ashwini is a talented individual performing alongside our other Cast Members Caitlin and Erin in Burlington High School's Drama Department. We are so happy to have her on the team!

Are ​YOU ​next?

We are always looking for fresh new talent to join our cast! If you would like to join the company, please visit our ​Performer Applications ​page to apply! 
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